Sealcoating Services That Will Make Your Surface New Again 

Many homeowners and businesses find themselves in need of an asphalt paving contractor sooner or later. It is no wonder as, if you neglect your driveway or parking lot, issues can occur. For example, they can crack, and potholes may appear.


One of the ways to protect them is by sealcoating. It protects your asphalt investment, and therefore, saves you thousands of dollars on repairs. It is an ideal solution, as with this periodic maintenance, you can double the life of your pavement. Also, you will reduce the possibility of severe problems appearing. It will also increase the appeal of your house or company. Parking lot sealcoating will protect it from deterioration.

Benefits of sealcoating

The primary advantage is that it minimizes the need for asphalt repairs. It protects it, so the chances of severe issues are lower than without this solution. Also, it improves the appearance of your pavement by making it look new. If you are tired of your parking lot looking neglected, this is the right choice for you. Additionally, it prevents the oxidation of asphalt and stops weather damage. Finally, it can help your driveway resist damage from oil, gas, and salt. If you are thinking about this solution, contact us today.

Causes of asphalt deterioration

Sun and oxidation have an influence on the condition of your pavement. It starts to deteriorate as soon as it is placed. As it is exposed to oxygen, the tar hardens, which results in a brittle surface. Eventually, cracks appear, enabling oxygen and rainwater to penetrate the pavement. After some time, it weakens, and its strength reduces. Sealcoating protects the surface and fills any voids, which reduces its exposure to oxygen and water. It also helps your asphalt resist ultraviolet rays, and therefore, it extends the life of your pavement.


Water and ice are also very common causes of the deterioration. Water can soften the base of your asphalt, causing quite expensive issues, such as depressions, cracks, and sinkholes. In cold climates, it will freeze and expand, which will create potholes. By sealcoating your parking lot, you will prevent water from penetrating through the asphalt. Thanks to this alternative, you will save a significant amount of money.

Sealcoating also resists gas and oil spills. It is crucial if you have a habit of working on your car while it is in your driveway. Oil and gasoline soften asphalt, and if you want to avoid any issues or leaks, this is the right choice for you.

Services provided by paving contractors

These professionals offer new construction, the overlay of existing parking lots and driveways, blacktop repairs, fixing the base and asphalt cap, and speed bumps. They can also add and fix sidewalks and curbs. Additionally, experts will help you with the maintenance of your pavement by filling any cracks. Finally, they offer sealcoating services, to improve the appearance of your parking lot, and to protect it.