Reasons why tree stumps in your Texas landscape should be removed

Before you decide to keep a tree stump in your home area, it is important to first know the facts. Whenever you opt to hire a professional tree removal service, then there are high chances that you make the decision to have the stump left behind or removed altogether. This is a decision which you are supposed to make even before you hire these firms to remove any tree. This is because there will be an additional cost involved in the process. You will thus need to be ready with all the budget planned out before they start removing any tree. If you are having any doubts on whether you should have the tree stump removed, consider the factors below;


Stumps make a landscape look ugly

Aesthetically speaking, having a stump on your beautiful landscape will only make the place look ugly than it should be. The removal may come with a cost but also it is worth it. Those people who care about how their yard looks like will never think of allowing a tree stump to stick around. Even if you consult with an arborist, they will always tell you that the idea of having a tree stump isn’t the best.

They are hazardous

In nature, these stumps pose a great danger to your children. When these young children are playing, they are often careless as they get carried away in their games. Since they may not be careful looking where the stump is, it is easy for them to stumble over it and fall dangerously. If it is your neighbor who trips and falls in the process, then you could be dealing with even a bigger problem. Also, if you accidentally hit one of these stumps when mowing, then your mower can be destroyed hence incur other costs of repair. If you want to avoid these issues you might benefit from biological tree services offered by experts.


They may cause new tree growth

Sometimes, when a stump is left behind for a duration of time, new sprouts may begin emerging. This will result in many trees growing all around the stump. This can do a lot of damage to the appearance of your landscape. Also, the new roots that have developed may prove costly as they keep coming back after removal. Eventually, you may be required to use chemicals in order to kill them off completely. Also, these small trees will suck nutrients from other plants near them denying them all they need.

These stumps attract insects

When these stumps are left in your lawn, the decaying may end up taking a long time before it rots away completely. During the decay period, the stump may come under attack from insects such as beetles, ants among others. When they are on your yard, they may not be a big problem. Wait until they spread and enter your home, that’s when you will appreciate the magnitude of the problem that you will be facing. To be on the safe side, always ensure that such stumps are removed completely. You can hire Dallas tree removal experts as they will take care of your issue properly.