Families View Showcased DC Design House

DC Design House is a popular event that takes place annually, since 2008, and it is a nonprofit entity. Its purpose is raising funds for Children’s National Health System. It has become the most prominent residential design attraction in the DC region.

Every year, a single house is chosen for this event. Dozens of the best Washington designers work together on remodeling it. Their purpose is to create a perfect home that many visitors will find appealing. Each of them is responsible for the makeover of an area they are experts in. Some of them work on remodeling bathrooms, while others are responsible for improving the look of the kitchen. Since its beginning, this event was visited by more than 70,000 individuals. It is such a success thanks to combined efforts of the nation’s most awarded designers, organizers, sponsors, regional media, and design industry manufacturers.


Also, it has raised about $1.5 million for its goal. Funds are collected from ticket sales, sponsors, the sale of the artwork created by the patients of Children’s National, and by selling items from the rooms. Almost everything you see is for sale. This year, it is open to the public from October 1st through October 30th. You can click here for more information.

Visit DC Design House with your family

If you find this event attractive, you can visit it yourself, or with your family. Many families find it appealing, especially those thinking about remodeling their houses. If they have no idea what to do, and how they want their homes to look like, they will surely find inspiration here. There is no better place to look for innovative ideas than at a project like this. This event represents combined efforts of the best interior and exterior designers. Additionally, almost everything is for sale, so you will be able to purchase some items that will improve the look of your house. You can buy tickets online, or pay at the door, whatever is most suitable to you. Also, if you like what you see, you can hire the same professionals to work on remodeling your home, such as DC Design House designer D&A Dunlevy.


These professionals are responsible for changing the appearance of the front garden. The first thing visitors will notice is this area. They will see a combination of bushes, shrubs, flowers, and a fantastic walkway. Landscape design is vital for creating a positive first impression. It is crucial for the garden to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You should be astonished during every step you take until reaching the front door.

There is nothing better than a rich display of greenery. Every element needs to be in harmony with others, and to assist in achieving the perfect look. If you are thinking of hiring a landscape design specialist, it is crucial to contact someone with years of experience, and many satisfied clients. A project like DC Design House can provide you with insight into the work of some of the best designers. If you like what you see, you can hire them to remodel your property.